Enhance Medical Center


(Shameless plugging!)

Looking to enhance your appearance at the hands of one of the top names in Asian cosmetic surgery?

Go to Enhance Medical Center’s website: http://www.asiancosmeticsurgery.com/

Or call: (310) 271-5954



About The Human

I'm a sophomore at Yale University with a passion for storytelling and a massively sleep-deprived mind. My favorite things in the world include: airports, mummies, scones, bookstores, bear hugs, Wikipedia, and my dysfunctional family. When I'm not blogging, I'm hibernating, cartooning, teaching, unicycling (I know), and writing novels about edible magic and child-rearing criminals.

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One response to “Enhance Medical Center

  1. hey there. i’m really interested in this field too. I was thinking of going to korea to do my internship after studying preferably in the uk. Do you have any advice for me? I am going to med school this end of the year.

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