More Junk Food For the Brain

Until I intern next…more junk food to rot your brain!


Well, hey, my arm hurts, too, but I’M not complaining. Sissy.


If I were that doctor…

Yeah, that would be me.


Ah. The intricacies of the modern world.

The Infamous Doctor’s Handwriting

The Infamous Doctor's Handwriting

Does being a doctor ruin your handwriting…or do people with bad handwriting tend to become doctors?

Mind explosion.

What’s the Big Deal About Plastic Surgery?

To clear any confusion beforehand, this blog post is neither a promotion of plastic surgery, nor a rejection of it, but a defense of those who choose to get it done.

I’ve neglected this blog for too long. It’s just that nothing new has happened lately! But when summer comes…

I’ll be able to sit in on a surgery! SO excited for that.

Until then, though, I thought I’d write about something that, as Americans, always seems to bug us: the ethics of plastic surgery.

Whenever I tell people that I intern at a plastic surgery clinic, they always get extremely uncomfortable. They stare at me, and their expression clearly says, “I am totally judging you right now.”

Huh? After the umpteenth time, it’s gotten extremely irritating. What’s the big deal about plastic surgery? What’s with the stigma? To me, plastic surgery is a personal decision, something everyone has a right to do.

I mean, I myself am not completely comfortable with getting it done, but if other people want to go for it, why not?

After a bit of thinking and research, I came to this conclusion.

People shy away from plastic surgery because they:

1) See it as “fake” and “unnatural.”

2) Have religious reasons (to not change the body that God created).

3) Are frightened of the procedure itself.

4) Are scared of any potentially bad results.

5) Can’t afford it.

6) Are afraid of being judged by society.

I feel that the first and last are the most common. They are also the ones which annoy me the most.

I respect the opinions of those who seriously do not want to get surgery. That’s completely fine. It’s not like I’m going to hunt them down with a giant syringe and force them into plastic surgery.

What I absolutely cringe at, though, is when people try to force their stigmas and tabboos down other people’s throats. The disgust and horror and “Ew! Why would you get plastic surgery?That’s what I cannot tolerate.

When people say, “Oh, but plastic surgery is shallow and fake” I find it highly hypocritical. Yes, plastic surgery is about altering our appearance, but don’t we do this everyday?

We do our makeup to look prettier. We put on mascara and eyeliner to make our eyes bigger. We use wrinkle creams to get rid of wrinkles unnaturally. We take diet pills to get rid of weight unnaturally. We wear braces to force our teeth to become straight, and when that doesn’t work, we use surgery.

All of this is artificial and can certainly be considered “fake.”

No matter what others say, we live in a world where, sadly, looks do matter. They say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but the depressing truth is, most people do. And we respond to this.

We alter our appearances constantly to impress a highly critical and judgmental world.

Those who get plastic surgery are also altering their appearances. It’s definitely more permanent, but it works on exactly the same context: become more attractive.

Unless the person critiquing plastic surgery has never worried about their appearance, has never cared how their hair or teeth or clothes looked, and has never truly cared about beauty in any degree, does he or she really have a right to criticize plastic surgery patients?

They are doing exactly what you do everyday except on a more permanent level.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, it really isn’t fair to deprive unattractive people of the opportunity to be attractive. Life is unfair. Some are blessed with beauty, and some are not, but why can’t those who were not remedy this? Why can beautiful people continue to reap the benefits of their attractiveness (and it is useless to pretend that being beautiful does not have its own pluses), while those who are not must continue to be this way?

“Nuh uh. You will remain ugly, girlfriend.”

People who get plastic surgery often do it to feel more confident about themselves. If fixing uneven eyes or plumping your lips or getting those high cheekbones you’ve always coveted will make make you feel more beautiful, more confident, and stronger as a person… then why not?

Who are we to judge people for only wanting to be prettier? Something that we do everyday? Who are we to deprive people of self-confidence when we don’t even know their story, what they’ve suffered and how they feel?

Plastic surgery is a choice that people shouldn’t be judged for. It’s their life, their face, and their option. If you don’t want to go through with it, that’s perfect! Do whatever you want….but don’t try to shame others because they chose a different route.

This topic is a complex one, but in the end, it all boils down to the same thing: we are all humans, and beauty, no matter how much we may deny it, plays an irrefutable role in our world.

Why can’t we stop judging each other and just respect each other for once?

Motivational speech = Done