Is it Really So Wrong to Get Botox?

I finally got to intern again this Saturday!

I manned the front desk  for about half an hour, and I must say, I now have a newfound respect for all front-desk-workers around the world.

That stuff is STRESSFUL. Fun, but stressful.

Overall, it was mainly a pretty slow day. There were quite a few new patients coming in for consultations, several checkups, and a few botox/filler appointments.

One botox patient in particular was especially interesting. She mentioned how her daughter disapproved of her coming here. Tentatively, she asked me, “But I feel so much more confident after I come here. That’s not bad, is it?”



I’m not ashamed to admit that I completely approved of her choice. Seriously, if I were in my sixties and a couple syringes being poked into my skin could make me look a decade younger, I would do it in a heartbeat. And I told her this.

In my opinion, this woman and thousands of others like her should not feel embarrassed to want to look younger.

As young people, I don’t think that many of us can even begin to understand their situation. To us, aging seems so far away. A wrinkle in time (no pun intended). How can we, who have never developed a wrinkle or seen our eyes droop, judge them in their pursuit to reclaim what was once theirs?

Everyone wants to feel pretty. Is it so wrong to do something about it?

No. Or, at least, not in my own mind.

I’ll probably devote an entire post to this whole stigma surrounding plastic surgery, so…expect more of that fun stuff later! Until then, enjoy the weekend and daylight savings!

Oof. Spring forward. Less sleep, and the worst time of the year (pun intended).

About The Human

I'm a sophomore at Yale University with a passion for storytelling and a massively sleep-deprived mind. My favorite things in the world include: airports, mummies, scones, bookstores, bear hugs, Wikipedia, and my dysfunctional family. When I'm not blogging, I'm hibernating, cartooning, teaching, unicycling (I know), and writing novels about edible magic and child-rearing criminals.

4 responses to “Is it Really So Wrong to Get Botox?

  1. I totally agree with your assessment. I know some people can take body sculpting to an extreme, but for most people doing little things to help us feel and look better I think is great! It’s a terrible world where everybody is just content.

  2. Kristy

    No, it isn’t! However, we should take care with it, not to exaggerate with the injections, because we can transform in a person without expression. Yeah, I went for a Botox procedure by Dr. Edelstein, because I wanted to get rid of my forehead wrinkles, but that’s it. I will go for it once a year or two, not very often.

  3. “Everyone wants to feel pretty. Is it so wrong to do something about it?” Hear, hear! My aunt went for a botox and another facelift surgery a few months back, and after seeing her after her procedure, I could say that the biggest change is not actually with how he looks but with how she carries herself. If this procedure could make your loved ones happy, why not indulge them? Since they are old enough to decide whether it’s safe for them or not, I don’t see anything wrong.

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